Orchid Culture - Repotting and Potting Mixes

Repotting a Phalaenopsis Orchid

Does My Orchid Have to be Repotted?  

Repotting Orchids, Sue Bottom, SAOS
Does My Orchid Have to be Repotted, Sue Bottom, SAOS
Adaptive Repotting Approach, Mary Jo Gilsdorf, AOS

Orchid Roots, Sue Bottom, SAOS
Top Dressing Your Orchids, Sue Bottom, SAOS
Wire Products, Sue Bottom, SAOS What's New

Orchid Potting Mixes  

Orchid Potting Mixes, Sue Bottom, SAOS
Choosing Potting Media, Ray Barkalow, First Rays
The Mystery of Sphagnum Moss, Sue Bottom, SAOS
Media Mania, judywhite, AOS

Cleaning Clay Pots  

Selecting a Pot for Your Orchid, Sue Bottom, SAOS
Cleaning Clay Pots, Sue Bottom, SAOS
Potting in Tree Fern Baskets, Sue Bottom, SAOS


Dividing Overgrown Orchids, Ken Slump, AOS
Repotting Bifoliate Cattleyas Keith Davis Style, Sue Bottom, SAOS
Repotting Hoss Cattleyas, Sue Bottom, SAOS

Rebasketing Stanhopeas  

Rebasketing Stanhopeas, Sue Bottom, SAOS
Mounting Orchids, Charles Marden Fitch, AOS

Dividing a Large Cattleya Orchid

Repotting Orchids  

Repotting Videos   Repotting Videos

Potting Mixes - tbottom14
Repotting Catasetums - tbottom14
Repotting Seedling Orchids - tbottom14

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