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A Culture Manual for Angraecoid Orchid Growers
Fred Hillerman

Bulbophyllums:  From A to Why?

Bulbophyllums: From A to Why?
Bill Thoms
This book is packed with information on growing bulbophyllums, the do’s and the don’ts. It also has many beautiful photographs which show off the flowers to their best advantage.

Brazilian Orchids: Cattleyas, Laelias and Catasetums

Brazilian Orchids: Cattleyas, Laelias and Catasetums
Francisco Miranda
This DVD by Francisco Miranda contains three presentations on Brazilian Orchids

American Cattleyas

American Cattleyas
Courtney Hackney
Courtney spent years assembling his book with input from some of the best-known names in cattleyas. A third of the book is devoted to a pictorial chronicle of great American cattleyas with accompanying commentary, seldom told stories and the strategies and insights of the most influential hybridizers.

Classic Cattleyas

The Classic Cattleyas
Arthur E. and Arthur A. Chadwick
In 1818, William Cattley succeeded in flowering one of the first species of the genus that would bear his name. Each classic Cattleya species is described in fascinating detail, and its role in breeding programs is elucidated. Cultivation, humidity and watering, fertilizing, propagation, and diagnosing and treating problems are detailed.

Heat Tolerant Cymbidiums

Heat Tolerant Cymbidiums
Kobsukh Kaenratana
The first-ever and the most comprehensive guide for understanding and selecting cymbidiums suitable for warmer climates. The contents and layouts are presented unlike any other orchid books you have ever seen.

Cymbidium Orchids Secrets Revealed

Cymbidium Orchids Secrets Revealed
The Cymbidium Man Harry McElroy writes: The first chapter “Secrets Show Bench Success” contains valuable information about selecting, growing, and showing quality Cymbidiums. Much of this section applies to all orchids. The next twenty chapters describe the history of cymbidium hybridizing and the characteristics and importance of the most important cymbidium species. You gain a knowledge of just how important it is to know what you are buying and growing.

Dendrobium and its Relatives

Dendrobium and its Relatives
Bill Lavarack, Wayne Harris, Geoff Stocker
In Lavarack's lavishly illustrated guide, gardeners at all levels who wish to successfully grow dendrobium orchids and related plants will be pleased to find information on more than 400 species. The book's contributors offer valuable background by pointing out threatened and widespread species, discussing nomenclature, and pondering the origins of plants and their uses.


Miltoniopsis Culture
E.J. 'Woody' Carlson

Miniature Orchids and How to Grow Them

Miniature Orchids and How to Grow Them
Rebecca Tyson Northen
Ranging in height from approximately half an inch to half a foot, miniature orchids possess all the aesthetic qualities that larger varieties do: beautiful colors, exotic shapes, velvety textures, exquisite single blooms and delightful sprays of smaller blossoms. Favorites with both amateur and professional flower-growers, these delicate plants have one added attraction: they can be grown in small spaces.

Orchid Species Culture:  Oncidium Odontoglossum Alliance

Orchid Species Culture: Oncidium Odontoglossum Alliance
Charles & Margaret Baker
In this meticulously researched volume, aimed at serious orchidists, the authors have formulated recommendations for approximately 1,300 species within the immense Oncidium/Odontoglossum alliance.

Tropical Slipper Orchids

Tropical Slipper Orchids
Harold Koopowitz
The cultivated tropical slipper orchids include Paphiopedilum, Phragmipedium and Mexipedium. Separate chapters address the five most important species for breeding exciting hybrids and the best and most desirable hybrids.

Genus Paphiopedilum, Natural History and Cultivation

The Genus Paphiopedilum, Natural History and Cultivation, Vol. I
Dr. G.J. Braem, Charles & Margaret Baker
This is the first of a two volume set, the first covers 32 species and the second 35 species. Each species has a photograph or drawing, an extensive discussion of morphology, seeds, etymology, descriptions, distribution, habitat, flowering, and notes on cultivation.

Moth Orchids:  Complete Guide to Phalaenopsis

Moth Orchids: Complete Guide to Phalaenopsis
Steven A. Frowine
Frowine focuses on the new orchid stars and provides a detailed look at the classic hybrids and species with lavish color photographs and a wealth of practical advice on selecting and buying moth orchids. Frowine shares his secrets on how these glorious plants can be grown to perfection, addressing light levels, potting media, watering, and feeding.

Vandas - Their Botany, History and Culture

Vandas - Their Botany, History and Culture
Dr. Martin R. Motes
This book presents a review of vanda species and developments in hybridization. It includes a review of the botany, breeding, care, and cultivation of vandas.

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