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Home and Backyard Orchid Growing
How SAOS Members Grow Their Orchids
We feature the different growing areas of SAOS members in the newsletter for you to view how others grow their orchids. Let us know if you would like to share your growing area. We can help write up your techniques and take photographs.

Growing Orchids on Backyard Trellis
Viv and Mitch Anderson
Orchids on Back Porch and Backyard Trellis

Viveca has orchids everywhere, inside and out. Husband Mitch recently built an orchid trellis in dappled shade for her sun lovers and her shade lovers are on the back porch. The trellis is filling rapidly with all those raffle plants Viv wins. (Apr 10)

Growing Orchids on Porches
Leslie and Chip Brickell
Leslie's Orchid House

You know the moment you turn into the driveway that this is the home of a gardener extraordinaire, just take a look around the yard and all the manicured beds of blooming perennials and roses. (Jul 16)

Growing Orchids on Porches
Mary and Louis Colee
Orchids on Porches

Mary grows her orchids where ever she has an open space. It's easy to find a place in the summer, but where to house her growing collection in winter? Her back porch is the perfect winter home. (Jul 16)

Growing Orchids on Porches
Janis Croft and Alan Winer What's New
Custom Built Shadehouse with Retractable Curtain

Janis planned, designed and built her custom shadehouse, that is open and airy during the summer months and enclosed with a retractable curtain during winter, opening on a thermostat to keep the temps within the desirable range. (Sep 18)

Growing Orchids on Racks in Pool Lanai
Bill and Karen Gourley
Orchids on Racks in a Pool Lanai

Bill grows his orchids outside in his lanai. He has several rolling benches that he has built or bought and fit with shade cloth. His latest creation can be winterized by enclosing with plastic and a small heater. (Sep 09)

Growing Orchids in Backyard Greenhouse
Courtney Hackney and Rose Ganucheau
Growing Orchids in Backyard Greenhouse

Courtney grows his cattleyas and other orchids in a backyard greenhouse. The external panels are removed during the warm months so air can freely pass through screens and put back on in winter when the propane heaters help maintain temperatures. (Aug 11)

Growing Orchids in Orchid Pavillion and Rolling Winter Rack
Penny Halyburton and Michael Rourke
Growing Orchids in Orchid Pavillion and Rolling Winter Rack

Penny grows her orchids under oak trees in a beautiful engineered structure crafted by Michael, who also built a winter rack that can be rolled in and out of the garage depending on the weather. (Nov 11)

Growing Orchids in Greenhouse and Hanging Under Trees
Mike and Kaycee Heinz
Greenhouse and Hanging Under Trees

Mike grows orchids in a greenhouse and under trees. During the warm months, his cattleyas, encyclias and vandaceous orchids relish the light and air hanging on wires. During the winter, his greenhouse is packed with plants. (Dec 09)

Going Green(house) Building a Backyard Hobby Greenhouse
Josh Jones
Building a Hobby Greenhouse

Joshua has a growing orchid addiction. Luckily he also has the know how to build a hobby greenhouse and shares his step by step instructions for the orchid obsessed. (Sep 11)

Growing Orchids in a Condo
John Laurenson
Growing Orchids in a Condo

John has built an orchid tree to which mounted orchids are attached and individual mounts can be brought into the condo when in bloom. The tree normally sits on the balcony. (Nov 13)

Growing Orchids in Backyard and Back Porch
Bob and Pat Martin
Orchids in Backyard and on Back Porch

Bob grows outside and on a screened porch now, but had lots of experience growing under lights when living up in Chicago. He winterizes his porch so the orchids have a cozy home during the cold months and grows on the screened porch, under trees and in a shade structure during the warm months. (Jun 09, Feb 11)

Growing Orchids in Backyard under Oaks on Racks
Dick and Joan Roth
Backyard Under Oaks on Racks and in Garage

Dick grows his orchids outdoors during the warm weather and moves them into the garage area retrofit with growing lights during the cold weather. His vandas are hanging from shepherds hooks and cattleyas and dendrobiums are on growing tables. (Jul 09)

Growing Orchids on Pot Clips
Vivienne and Tom Rowe
Under Oaks on Pot Clips & Rods and Portable Greenhouse in Winter

Vivienne is in the throes of orchid addiction, growing them outside in the backyard under tall and stately oak trees hanging on a fence with pot clips and hanging from shepherds hooks. (Aug 09)

Growing Orchids under Oaks and Shade Structure
Debbie and Bob Sandy
Backyard Under Oaks and Shade Structure with Vinyl Curtains

Debbie and Bob grow lots of different types of orchids under oak trees. In the cold weather, the plants are brought into the shade structure, the vinyl curtains are dropped and a portable heater keeps the temperatures above freezing. (Nov 09)

Growing Orchids under Oaks and Shade Structure
Yvonne and Bob Schimmel
Backyard Under Oaks and Glassed In Porch

Bob and Yvonne grow their orchids in the yard under a pergola, oak tree and between oak trees. When it gets cold all the orchids are moved into a glassed-in porch or garage. (June 13)

Growing Orchids Under Oaks on Wire and Pot Clips
Lola Stark
Under Oaks on Wire and Pot Clips and Greenhouse in Winter

Lola grows vandas, cattleyas, dendrobiums and a host of other plants under huge oak trees in the spring through fall and brings the plants into a greenhouse structure during the cold winter months. (Oct 09)

Growing Orchids in Backyard Greenhouse
Linda Stewart
Backyard Greenhouse

Linda grows orchids that are delicate, unusual and attractive, including tolumnias, neofinetias and renantheras. Her 20 ft x 30 ft greenhouse is equipped with a seating area so she can spend quality time with her orchids. (Aug 13)

Growing Orchids Under Oaks on Wire and Pot Clips
Suzanne and Robert Susko
Adjustable Racks in Pool Lanai

Suzanne and Robert Susko have a unique division of labor, he picks out orchids with an unusual growth habit or beautiful flowers and she figures out how to grow them. Okay, maybe itís not quite that simple, after all Suz picks out some of her own orchids too! (Nov 15)

Growing Orchids in Homemade Greenhouse
Jim and Linda Taylor
Under Trees and in a Greenhouse

Jim and Linda built a greenhouse to house their orchids during the winter cold and also grow some under trees during the warm summer months. (Jul 11)

Growing Orchids in Pool Lanai on Benches and Orchid Tree
Maria and Richard Yessian
In Pool Lanai on Benches and Orchid Tree

Maria grows a wide variety of orchids in the pool lanai on the Island. There are cattleyas, phalaenopsis, dendrobiums, bulbophyllums, oncidiums and a few more, all happy on benches and orchid trees under the covered roof between the house and the pool. (Apr 10)

Growing Orchids Indoors in a Sunroom
Mark and Kathy Young
Indoor Sunroom

Mark and Kathy Young grow their orchids in a south facing sunroom inside the home. It is a small room off the front entryway where the outside wall is mostly glass, just perfect for growing orchids. (Feb 15)

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