Events - Monthly Meetings of the St. Augustine Orchid Society
Orchid Events - Monthly Meetings of the St. Augustine Orchid Society
The meeting begins with a plant sale at 6:30 pm. At 7:00 there is a brief discussion of club business, then Courtney Hackney discusses the plant table and there is a short refreshment break and plant sales. The program presentation by a commercial orchid grower or recognized orchid expert begins at 8:00 and lasts for around 45 minutes. The meeting closes with a plant raffle and auction where members can expand their collections. Members bring their orchids for display on the monthly show table. If you have some divisions or extra plants you would like to share, feel free to put them on raffle table. It's fun and informative for beginner and experienced growers. Visitors are always welcome.

When:   First Tuesday* of Each Month at 6:30 pm
Where:   Watson Realty, Conference Room by Back Parking Lot
3505 US 1 South in St Augustine

*We often reschedule the January and July meetings to the second Wednesday to accommodate the New Years and Independence Day celebrations.

2018 Programs

January 10 - Hawaiian Grown Orchids
Ben Oliveros, Orchid Eros

   Our meeting has been changed to the second Wednesday so we could feature Ben Oliveros, an incredibly talented hybridizer and grower of cattleyas. His presentation will focus on Hawaiian Grown Orchids, including some of the tricks of the trade. Of particular interest, he will talk about the commercial practices that work for and against the normal orchid grower. His talk is all about orchid cultural practices, and he has learned the hard way what works and what doesn’t. Order from his website and he'll give you a 20% discount.
    Ben's presentation will include an Orchid Naming Auction. You will bid on the right to name a hybrid cross, after yourself, your significant other, the dearly departed, or any name that strikes your fancy. He'll bring 6 plants of the grex for you to bloom, every one of which will carry the name you select and will register the name with the Orchid Registrar at RHS. All proceeds will benefit the St. Augustine Orchid Society.
February 6 - Native Orchids of the Eastern United States
Mark Rose, former owner of Breckenridge Orchids

Mark will review of many of the beautiful and fascinating species one may encounter in the eastern United States. Mark operated Breckenridge Orchids for many years and has produced thousands of successful hybrids. Mark has a two acre garden at his Boone, N.C. home that is planted with thousands of natives that he has collected from all over the country during the past 40 years. There is something in flower from late February through November, with lots of our native orchids included in the plantings. Members are invited to bring plants for sale at the meeting.
March 6 - Bulbophyllums
Bill Thoms, Bulbophyllums

Bill will talk about Bulbophyllums, those oddballs of the orchid world that often have very distinctive odors and very unusual shapes. He will discuss culture and growing tips in his own unique style, showing some of the most unique and exotic looking species and hybrids. Bill is an internationally recognized speaker who wrote the whimsical book Bulbophyllums: the Incomplete Guide, From A to Why.
April 3 - Phalaenopsis
Phillip Hamilton, Bredren Orchids

Phillip will talk about Phalaenopsis, their history, culture and current trends in hybridizing. Phillip is the son of Claude Hamilton of Hamlyn Orchids in Jamaica, so he grew up with orchids has a degree in Environmental Horticulture and is an Accredited Judge with the American Orchid Society. Phillip's hybridizing program focuses on the fragrant violacea and bellina Phalaenopsis.
May 1 - Brassavola nodosa and its Hybrids
Vern Bloch, Prior Owner of Palm Bay Orchid Range

Vern will talk about those star-shaped summer blooming cattleyas, Brassavola nodosa and its hybrids. These colorful, freely flowering orchids quickly grow into speciment plants. Vern will be sending us a list of all the hybrids he has available so you can preorde, as well as purchase others from his sales table. Vern operated the Palm Bay Orchid Range and has conducted programs for numerous orchid societies.
June 5 - Mounting Orchids
George Hausermann, EFG Orchids

George 'The Toolman' will give a program on mounting orchids, with some hands-on demonstrations on how to do it. George operates EFG Orchids in DeLand that focuses on orchids and other tropicals. He holds workshops throughout the year on orchid grower basics and mounting orchids and throws an Orchtoberfest party every year.
July 3 - Navigating the SAOS Website
Sue Bottom, St. Augustine Orchid Society

The St. Augustine Orchid Society website contains tons of information. All the planned activites of the SAOS are listed along with library resources, newsletters and photographs of orchids and orchid events. There is a wealth of information about orchid culture, for both the beginner and experienced orchid grower. Sue will give a tutorial on the website, where all the pearls of information about growing orchids can be found. Members are invited to bring plants for sale at the meeting.
August 7 - Cattleyas
Steve Hawkins, The Orchid Specialist

Steve will talk about the ABCs of growing cattleyas. He will address general cultural issues like light, temperature, and watering as well as the potting mixes suitable for good growing. He will also address the special care required of your bifoliate cattleyas.
September 4 - Growing Orchids in St. Augustine - Fall Preparations
Sue Bottom with St. Augustine Orchid Society Members

In summertime, the growing is easy and orchids can be grown outdoors, under trees, on porches, in pergolas, etc. Of course, tropical storms can cause problems, so we'll talk about storm preparedness. In fall, the days shorten and the sun rises lower in the sky, and you know winter is coming. We'll also talk about the cold hardiness of various orchids. Sue has pulled together a presentation showing where how SAOS members grow their orchids in summer and in winter. Members are invited to bring plants for sale at the meeting.
October 2 - Unusual Species for the Cattleya Grower
Alan Koch, Gold Country Orchids

Alan will talk about the many weird and unusual species that grow with Cattleya culture. If you can grow a Cattleya you can grow any of these. The program starts off with a well known Cattleya species and those plants that grow just like it. Alan is always entertaining and educational. We'll post his advance list so you can preorder plants at a 10% discount.
November 6 - Becoming an 80 Percentile Grower
Fred Clarke, Sunset Valley Orchids

Fred will talk about growing orchids, how 80% of your success is a result of providing the right light, water, temperature for your orchids and repotting them at the proper time. Everything else, like the fertilizer, snake oils, etc. translates into the final 20% of your success. Fred talks to our club every year or two and always brings fabulous catasetums, cattleyas and Australian dendrobiums. You can get a 10% discount on preorders from his website.
December 4 - Christmas Orchid Auction

We’re looking forward to our Christmas party and auction where we get to kick back, have fun and spread holiday cheer with our orchid buddies... and come home with orchids. Hope to see you there!

Christmas orchid auction Our Christmas orchid auction is on our normal first Tuesday meeting night.

Christmas orchid auction We’ll meet at the Memorial Lutheran Church on US 1 (just south of Tractor Supply). Drive around to the back, closest to the hall entrance.

Christmas orchid auction We’ll start our social hour at 6:30 pm. This will give us a chance to exchange holiday cheer before we hit the vittles.

Christmas orchid auction Bring your beverage of choice. The club will provide the low octane water, iced tea and coffee, but if you enjoy a cuppa with your meal, feel free!

Christmas orchid auction One thing that hasn’t changed is all the good food. Wonder what Lady Di will conjure up for the main course this year!

Christmas orchid auction Bring a dish to round out the meal. Salads, potato and pasta side dishes, vegetable side dishes and desserts have been big favorites in years gone by.

Christmas orchid auction We’ll finish up the evening with an orchid auction where you can bid on a nice variety of different types of orchids.

When:   Tuesday, December 4, 6:30 til 9 pm
Where:   Memorial Lutheran Church
3375 US 1 South, St. Aug 32086