Photographs of Orchids from the Show Table
Photographs of Orchids from the 2014 Show Tables

November Show Table  
Member's Choice: Bc. Punakea
Grower: Sue Bottom

October Show Table
Member's Choice: Habenaria medusa
Grower: Harry and Celia McElroy

September Show Table
September Show Table
Member's Choice: Lctna. Renate 'S&W' AM/AOS
Grower: Dick Roth

Member's Choice: Ctsm. tenebrosum
Grower: John Van Brocklin

August Show Table  
Member's Choice: Psygmorchis (Psyg.) pusilla
Grower: Linda Stewart

July Show Table
Member's Choice: Ctsm. Frilly Doris 'Sunset Valley Orchids' AM/AOS
Grower: Mary Colee

June Show Table  
Member's Choice: Paph. Prince Edward of York
Grower: Courtney Hackney

This Month's Show Table
This Month's Show Table
This Month's Show Table

Member's Choice: C. skinneri f. alba 'Cherokee'
Grower: Harry and Celia McElroy

Member's Choice: Rdcm. Angel Heart x Rdcm. Velvet Queen
Grower: Linda Stewart

Member's Choice: Paph. Oberhausens Diamont
Grower: John and Dorothy Van Brocklin

This Month's Show Table  
Member's Choice: Blc. Mem. Grant Eichler 'Lenette' HCC/AOS
Grower: Sue Bottom

March Show Table
Member's Choice: Phal. Sogo Vivien
Grower: Melody Loll

February Show Table  
Member's Choice: Den. Yellow Fancy
Grower: Dick Roth

January Show Table
Member's Choice: Cym. Taste of China
Grower: Harry and Celia McElroy

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