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Check out Flickr and search for great orchid photographs.
Ron Parsons Flower Shots

Ron Parsons
Flower Shots

Orchid and Flower Photography. Ron has slides of rare and unusual plants from many of the flowering plant families. The photographs are taken of plants in private collections, public gardens and arboretums, and where and whenever possible, in situ.
Terry Bottom Fantastic Orchid

Terry Bottom
Terry Bottom Photography

Terry has lots of artistic orchid images
Prem Subrahmanyam Florida Native Orchids

Prem Subrahmanyam
Florida's Native and Naturalized Orchids

An educational photographic site dedicated to our natural treasures. Florida is host to the largest number of orchid species in the United States. Many terrestrials make their home at the northern end of the state and a large number of tropical epiphytic orchids make their home in the deep swamps of the Everglades and other nearby areas.
Jay Pfahl Orchid Species Encyclopedia

Jay Pfahl
Orchid Species Encyclopedia

Taxonomic organization of species, varieties and formas. All varieties, formas, subspecies and the like are listed under the parent species