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Orchid Culture Videos

General Orchid Culture Videos
General Orchid Culture

Basic Orchid Care - tskoda
Orchid Care - ruudnatrop
Orchid Types - GardenGuy06
How to Pick Orchids for Your Home - nmsuaces

Watering and Fertilizing Orchids Video
Water and Fertilizer

Watering Orchids - orchidTV
Water, Light and Air Part 1, 2 and 3 - mrjoemango03
Watering Phalaenopsis - growingwisdom
Root Loss - orchidTV

Repotting and Potting Mix Videos
Repotting and Potting Mix

Potting Mixes - tbottom14
Repotting Catasetums - tbottom14
Repotting Seedling Orchids - tbottom14
Orchid Potting Demonstration - Healthy Orchid - orchidTV
Potting Demonstration - Poor Root System - orchidTV
When to Repot Your Orchids - orchidTV
Divide or Repot? - orchidTV
Orchid Pollination Videos
Orchid Pollination

Orchid Bees - Euglossa - ScienceOnline
Wild Orchid Wasp Mimic - David Attenbroough
Orchid Wasp - David Attenborough
Army Ants, Orchids and Dancing Frogs - NationalGeographic

Pests and Diseases Videos
Pests and Diseases

Boisduval Scale - orchidTV
Recognizing Spider Mite Damage - orchidTV
Leaftip Dieback - orchidTV
Recognizing Virus Symptoms - orchidTV
Identify Insects On Yellow Sticky Cards - GreenhoueGrower

Videos Featuring Specific Genera

Cattleya Orchid Videos

Flowers of the Cattleya Alliance - qdkk
Cattleya Repotting - myorchidcare

Cymbidium Orchid Videos

Cymbidium Orchid Care Made Easy - ubwalt123
Cymbidium Flowers Growing in Southern California - qdkk
Dividing a Cymbidium - ImogenStoneFlowerse
Dendrobium Orchid Videos

Remove a Dendrobium Keiki - orchidtalk

Oncidium Orchid Videos

Orchid Morphology - Oncidiums - tpolonski
Repotting Oncidiums - adryenn

Phalaenopsis Orchid Videos

Phalaenopsis Orchid Care - tskoda
Phalaenopsis Orchid Care - PAllenSmith
Selecting a Phalaenopsis - askthedecorator with Hilltop Orchids
Cutting a Phalaenopsis Spike - graphixgreg
Phalaenopsis Repotting - myorchidcare

Vanda Orchid Videos

Vandas - s1aint33 with Charles Chapman

Collectors Items Orchid Videos
Collectors Items

Repot a Bulbophyllum - orchidtalk
Ghost Orchid Blooming in Everglades - mikemail9
Ghost Orchids - mikemail9

Beautiful Orchids Captured on Video

Videos of Orchid Shows and Festivals
Orchid Shows and Festivals

New York Orchid Show - 2007 - PhotodexCorporation
Taiwan International Orchid Show - 2009 - cattleyaidv
Redlands Orchid Festival - 2010 - orchidTV

Videos of Commercial Orchid Growers
Commercial Orchid Growers

EFG Orchids - efgorchids
RF Orchids - visitflorida
Sunset Valley Orchids - visitflorida

Videos of Orchids from Different Geographical Regions
Orchids from Different Geographical Regions

Orchids of Ecuador - villonacopark
Orchids of Central and South America - qdkk
Flowers from Asia, Australia, Pacific Islands - qdkk
Orchids of Peru - bioqosqolive

Videos of Orchids in Botanical Gardens
Orchids in Botanical Gardens

Atlanta Botanical Garden - kevsey
Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden - SeasideCorners
Longwood Gardens Orchid Extravaganza - panviolin
NY Botanical Garden - Brazilian Modern, - Cuba - tskoda
Selby Botanical Garden - jnstropic