Orchid Culture by Genus

Orchid Growing Basics

Orchid Culture by Genus

Angraecum Culture

Angraecum Culture

Angraecums - Tom Kuligowski
Bulbophyllum Culture

Bulbophyllum Culture

Bulbophyllum Species - University of Vienna
Large-Flowered, Umbellate Forms - Dr. Clair R. Ossian
Noteworthy Bulbophyllums Part II - Dr. Clair R. Ossian
Catasetum Culture

Catasetinae Culture

How to Grow the Catasetinae - Fred Clarke
Catasetinae Plant Culture - Fred Clarke
Catasetums and Their Kin - Sue Bottom
Catasetinae Culture, Species and Hybrids - catasetinae.com
Catasetinae Image Database - Dr. Gerlach
Part 1, Catasetums with Perfect Flowers - Stephen R. Batchelor
Part 2, Catasetums with Unisexual Flowers - Stephen R. Batchelor
Part 3, The Swans of Cynoches - Stephen R. Batchelor
Part 4, The Hydras of Cycnoches - Stephen R. Batchelor
Part 5, Growth Cycle - Stephen R. Batchelor
Part 6, Culture Influenced by Growth Cycle - Stephen R. Batchelor
Cattleya Culture

Cattleya Culture

Cattleya Species - Cattleya Source
Brazilian Orchids - Delfina de Araujo
Cattleyas for the Beginner Part 1 and Part 2 - AOS
Cattleya Culture Parts 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 - Ned Nash, AOS
What Can Go Wrong, Part 1 Cultural Missteps - Sue Bottom
What Can Go Wrong, Part 2 Pests and Diseases - Sue Bottom
Cattleya Blooming and Rooting by Cattleya Species and by Blooming Season - based on Bill Rogerson's 2004 Orchid Digest article
Changes in Cattleya Nomenclature - Sue Bottom
Influence of Different Cattleya Alliance Species - AOS
Bifoliate Cattleyas - AOS Beginners Handbook
Showy Cattleyas - AOS Beginners Handbook
Reed Stem Epidendrum Culture - James & Lauris Rose
Cymbidium Culture

Cymbidium Culture

Cymbidium Species - Stephen Early
Cymbidiums - Cymbidium Society of America
What Triggers & Supports Flowering in Cymbidiums - Harry McElroy
Basic Cymbidium Culture for NE Florida - Harry McElroy
Cymbidium Potting Mix 2017 - Harry McElroy
Cypress Mulch, What I Am Potting in Now 2018 - Harry McElroy
Dendorobium Culture

Dendrobium Culture

Growing Dendrobiums in Hawaii - Univ of Hawaii
Dendrobiums - Sections and Culture - Josh Jones
The Genus Dendrobium - Dr. Harry Gallis
Growing Dendrobiums in Florida, Martin Motes, Motes Orchids
Cultural Requirements - Sue Bottom
Phalaenopsis and Semi-Antelope Type Dendrobiums - AOS
Pedilonum Dendrobiums - Richard Warren, AOS
Touring the Latouria, New Guinea Dendrobiums - Jim Freeman
Dendrochilum Culture

Dendrochilum Culture

Dendrochilums - Trey Sanders
Habenaria Culture

Habenaria Culture

Why Do You Grow the Orchids You Grow - Now It's Habenarias - Sue Bottom
Oncidium Culture

Oncidium Culture

Oncidium Species - Delfina de Araujo
Tolumnia (Equitant Oncidium) Culture - Anita Aldrich, AOS
Paphiopedilum Culture

Paphiopedilum Culture

Paphiopedilums - Slipper Orchid Alliance
Slipper Orchid Culture - Frank Smit
Seasonal Culture Tips - Phil's Orchid World
Paphiopedilum Culture for Beginners, Part 1 - Stephen Batchelor
and Part 2 - Ned Nash, AOS
Paphiopedilum Orchid Culture - Sue Bottom
Paphiopedilum Varieties - Sue Bottom
Phalaenopsis Culture

Phalaenopsis Culture

Phalaenopsis - International Phalaenopsis Alliance
Phalaenopsis Species and Hybrids - Alain Broch
Phalaenopsis - What Can Go Wrong - Sue Bottom
Growing the Best Phalaenopsis - Runkle, Wang, Blanchard & Lopez
Media, Transplanting, Water & Nutrition - op. cit.
Temperature, Light, Insects & Diseases - op. cit
Production - op. cit.
Phalaenopsis Are Easy to Grow - Hugo Freed
Summer Blooming Phalaenopsis Species - Thomas Mirenda
Beginner Series Phalaenopsis Parts 2 and 4 - Stephen Batchelor
Stanhopea Culture

Stanhopea Culture

Stanhopea Culture - Robert Lauri
The Genus Gongora - Rudolf Jenny
Growing and Flowering Lycastes - Wilford B. Neptune
Stanhopeas - Nina Rach
Essence of Stanhopea - essenceoftime
Stanhopea Image Database - Dr. Gerlach
Vanda Culture

Vanda Culture

Vanda Culture - The Orchid House
Thai Disease - Rockhampton Orchid Society
Topping Vandas - Rockhampton Orchid Society
Growing Vandas in Florida, Martin Motes, Motes Orchids
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