Repotting Orchids

Orchid Growing Basics

Watering, Water Quality and Fertilizer

Watering Orchids

Water and Fertilizer for Orchids

How often should you water and fertilize your orchids? The short answer is whenever they need it. For the long answer, read these articles.
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Orchid Nutritions

pH Management and Orchid Nutrition

A series of must read articles by Bill Argo of the Blackmore Company, originally published in the Journal of the International Phalaenopsis Alliance.
Part 1 Intro
Part 2 Water Quality
Part 3 Fertilizers
Part 4 Substrates
Part 5 Choosing the Best Fertilizers
Fertilizers for Orchids

Peters Complete Guide to Fertilizer Selection

You can download a selection guide with lots of detailed information about their fertilizer. Consider adding supplemental magnesium in the form of Epsom salts with your fertilizer.
- For low to moderate alkalinity water or if you grow in a highly organic mix containing bark or coconut, use a Cal Mag fertilizer like Peters 17-3-17 Peat Lite Neutral Cal Mag or 15-5-15 Cal Mag fertilizer.
- For high alkalinity water from our shallow wells, use an acid generating fertilizer and Epsom salts like 20-20-20 or 20-10-20 available from retail outlets or Peters Excel 21-5-20 Multi Purpose from horticultural sources. Peters 18-8-17 Peat Lite High Mag Special would be ideal but is not available in Florida.
Fertilizers for Orchids

Michigan State University (MSU) Fertilizer

It is hard to find good fertilizer at the big box stores. The highly touted Michigan State Univrsity fertilizer is one with a lower middle (phosphorus) number and one that contains calcium, magnesium and micronutrients.
Without High Phosphorus - A New Fertilizer for Orchids
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