Orchid Culture

Orchid Growing Basics

Basics of Orchid Culture

The Basics

Articles about the basics of orchid growing, how to create the environment for your orchids to flourish. How to provide enough of the right kind of light, water, fertilizer and fresh air to your orchids.
Beginner Orchid Growers

Seasonal Tips

These seasonal tips address things to do during each season, like spring repotting, summer storm preparation and fall preparations for the winter rest. Articles written by orchid growers for orchid growers, and discussed at our monthly keiki club get togethers.
Repotting Orchids

Repotting and Potting Mixes

Get all the answers to your questions. Does your orchid have to be repotted? What potting mix is best? What pot should you select? How are orchid roots different? What about sphagnum moss? How do I clean my pots?
Watering Orchids

Watering, Water Quality and Fertilizer

Your water quality affects all aspects of orchid growing, from what orchids you can grow, what fertilizer you should use, even how to water your orchids. Many articles to help you perfect your watering and fertilizer regimen.
Orchid Culture by Genus

Orchid Culture by Genus

There are so many different types of orchids to grow. How do you grow Cattleyas? Phalaenopsis? What about some of the unusual types, like Stanhopeas? or Catasetums? Many articles to help you learn how best to care for a variety of different orchids.
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