Seasonal Suggestions

Learning to Grow Orchids

Seasonal Suggestions

Beginner Orchid Growers

Seasonal Changes

Some articles about how seasonal changes affect the growth of your orchids.

Watering Orchids During Each Season,Sue Bottom
Seasonal Changes in Light, Sue Bottom
Beginner Orchid Growers

Spring, the Prime Growing Season

Some time after mid-march, you'll be able to move your plants to their summer homes increasing light gradually. The annual repotting marathon is beginning, plan which orchids you're going to repot and what potting mix you'll use.
Spring into Action, Sue Bottom
Orchids in Spring,Courtney Hackney
Spring Checklist, Courtney Hackney
Beginner Orchid Growers

Summer, Hot and Humid

Here are some general summer tips for outdoor orchid growers as well as things to think about when a tropical storm is heading our way.
Hot Humid Summers and the Tropical Storm Season, Sue Bottom Summer Orchid Care Across the USA, AOS
Summer in South Florida, Andy Easton
Beginner Orchid Growers

Fall, Preparing for Winter

Get ready for winter before the cold weather arrives. Clean up your plants, remove pesky hitchhikers, reduce watering and fertilizer, and start thinking about where you will over winter your plants.
Fall Preparations, Sue Bottom,SAOS
Fall Preparations, Courtney Hackney
Temperature Considerations, Courtney Hackney
Fall Preparations, Mike Heinz
Beginner Orchid Growers

Winter, the Resting Season

Your plants need less water and fertilizer this season, perhaps half as much as during the summer. Protect your phalaenopsis, vandas and phalaenopsis type dendrobiums at 50 to 60F and your other plants at 40 to 50F. Stake your inflorescences for best presentation of the flowers. Read more articles:
The Winter Rest Season, Sue Bottom
The Transition to Winter,Sue Bottom
Winter Relocation,Sue Bottom What's New
Adjust Your Growing for Winter Light Levels, Courtney Hackney
Less Light and Warmth Means Less Watering, Courtney Hackney
Cold Damage to Orchids, Courtney Hackney
Caring for Orchids During Cold Weather, Martin Motes
Cold Tolerance of Orchids, Sue Bottom
Winter Dormant Orchids Requiring a Dry Rest, Sue Bottom
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