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We have assembled a lot of information about different orchid ailments, how to identify and treat a problem and the steps you can take to prevent it from recurring. Information assembled by Sue Bottom.
Orchid Pests

Orchid Pests

Despite your best efforts to provide the best environmental conditions for your orchids, there are some pests that can wreak havoc. The good news with orchid pests is that there are chemicals that can kill the invaders, the bad news is that they can cause quite a bit of damage before you are aware of their presence.
Orchid Diseases

Orchid Diseases

With orchid diseases, there are chemicals that can prevent different diseases from occurring, but there are very few chemicals that can cure a disease once your plant is infected.
Orchid Physiological Problems

Damage from Environmental Factors

Often orchid pests and diseases are blamed for problems you may encounter, but sometimes the culprit is some cultural misstep that either created the problem or created the environment which allowed a pathogen to thrive.
Virus in Orchids

Orchid Viruses

Virus not only can give your orchid a case of ugly plant syndrome, it can ruin the flowers that you’ve been waiting for for so long. Severe color break is characterized by variegation in the flower.
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