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Orchid Culture

General Orchid Articles

Some introductory articles about orchids, many from the American Orchid Society. Consider joining the AOS, you'll love the monthly Orchids magazine.
Orchid Basics, AOS
Orchid Culture Sheets, AOS
Orchids A to Z, AOS members only content
Orchid Growing Basics, Sue Bottom, SAOS
Orchid Pollination, Ron McHatton, AOS
Beginner Orchid Growers

New Orchid Growers

Learn to grow with these articles about orchid growing basics. How to provide enough of the right kind of light, water, fertilizer and fresh air to your orchids.
Learning to Grow
Your First Orchid
AOS Beginner's Newsletters
Home and Backyard Orchid Growing
My Favorite Orchid
Orchid Growing Basics

Basics of Orchid Culture

Articles about the basics of orchid growing, to help you create the right environment for your orchids to flourish.
The Basics
Repotting Orchids
Culture by Genus
Watering, Water Quality and Fertilizer
Questions and Answers
Orchid Pests and Diseases

Orchid Pests and Diseases

Information about different orchid ailments, how to identify and treat a problem and prevent recurrence.
Orchid Pests
Orchid Diseases
Other Types of Damage
Orchid Viruses
Orchid Pests and Diseases

Monthly Orchid Growing Advice

Monthly growing advice from orchid growers.

Growing Orchids in St. Augustine Month by Month
Orchid Growing Tips by Courtney Hackney
Florida Orchid Growing Month by Month by Martin Motes
Orchid Articles by Sue Bottom
Hobby Greenhouses

Hobby Greenhouses for Northeast Florida

The best structure for our area is a shade house that can be winterized. Here are some hands on suggestions for your structure.
The Ultimate Hobby Greenhouse, Terry Bottom, SAOS
Shade Structures That Can Be Winterized, Terry Bottom, SAOS
Building a Hobby Greenhouse, Josh Jones, SAOS
Putting in an Orchid Exhibit

Putting in an Orchid Exhibit

Some guidelines for those helping us install exhibits at Orchid Society shows.
Getting Your Plants Ready for a Show, SAOS
Guidelines for the Show Committee, SAOS
Installing a Display for an Orchid Show, Phil Watt
Webinar: Judging an Orchid Exhibit, David Janvrin, AOS
Master Class, Greg Allikas
AOS Point Scale, Greg Allikas
Color Flow, Greg Allikas
How Much Do I Need, Greg Allikas
Checklist, Greg Allikas
Photographing Show Table Orchids

Orchid Society Show Table Photographs

Terry gets lots of questions about how he takes the Show Table photographs each month, here's how.
How to Take Orchid Show Table Pictures, Terry Bottom, SAOS
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