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2009 Christmas Auction

December 2008
Christmas Auction
Our Christmas auction at the Moultrie Trail Clubhouse was a huge success.

Courtney Hackney, American Cattleyas

November 2008
Courtney Hackney, American Cattleyas
Fred Clarke, Sunset Valley Orchids

Dr. Courtney Hackey, author of American Cattleyas discusses cattleya hybridizing and Fred Clarke of Sunset Valley Orchids talks about mini and midi cattleyas.

Donnie Kim, JAXMA

October 2008
Donnie Kim, JAXMA Orchids
Donnie Kim of JAXMA Orchids discusses Phalaenopsis breeding and culture.

Jamie Lawson

September 2008
Jamie Lawson, Slipper Symposium Moderator
Jamie Lawson, Slipper Symposium moderator, reveals 25 orchid culture secrets of the experts.

Jan Ragan

August 2008
Jan Ragan, Conservation of Guatemalan Orchids
Jan Ragan plays the presentation on the preservation of Guatemalan orchids.

Fred Keefer

July 2008
Summer Orchid Auction
Fred Keefer, auctioneer extraordinaire, is the master of ceremonies at our summer orchid auction. 

Francisco Miranda, Miranda Orchids

June 2008
Francisco Miranda, Miranda Orchids
Fred Clarke, Sunset Valley Orchids
Francisco Miranda of Miranda Orchids discusses discusses Brazilian Laelias and Fred Clarke of Sunset Valley Orchids discusses recent trends in Catasetinae breeding.

Wendy Griffin, Indian River Orchids

May 2008
Wendy Griffin, Indian River Orchids
Wendy and Jason Griffin of Indian River Orchids discuss growing cattleyas in Florida.

Mac Rivenbark, Mac's Orchids

April 2008
Mac Rivenbark, Mac's Orchids
Mac Rivenbark of Mac's Orchids discusses Philippine orchid species with special emphasis on dendrobiums.

Terry Bottom

March 2008
Terry Bottom, St. Augustine Orchid Society
Terry Bottom discusses alternative approaches to greenhouse design.

Jim Adamson, Adamson Orchids

February 2008
Jim Adamson, Adamson Orchids
Jim Adamson of Adamson Orchids discusses Phalaenopsis and their culture.

Paul Storm, Meke Aloha Orchids

January 2008
Paul Storm, Meke Aloha Orchids
Paul Storm of Meke Aloha Orchids discusses Schomburgkias and Myrmecophilas.

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