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December 2015 SAOS Christmas Auction

December 2015
Christmas Auction
Our annual Christmas auction was a great opportunity to eat, drink and be merry with our orchid friends, and we enjoyed the return of our auction too!

John Salventi

November 2015
John Salventi, Everything About Orchids (formerly of Parkside Nursery)
John talked about orchid roots, with their unique adaptations to an epiphytic lifestyle. Healthy roots will produce healthy plants and healthy plants produce lots of glorious flowers.

Ron Midgett

October 2015
Ron Midgett, New Earth Orchids
Ron talked about the major species used in green cattleya hybidizing in his talk "Green with Envy", there's a whole lot more to the story than just Rhyncholaelia digbyana!

Ernie Gemeinhart, Enlightened Orchids

September 2015
Ernie Gemeinhart, Enlightened Orchids
Ernie talked about growing outdoors, or Gorilla Growing as he calls it, where the size of your gorilla will change with your circumstances. Cherchez the hot growers that can tolerate some winter dips in temperature, Ernie has a list!

Michael Polen

August 2015
Michael Polen, Art Stone Orchids
Michael gave a great talk on the basics of orchid growing. Growers of all levels learned some new tricks, including the three most important rules of orchid growing, location, location, location!

Alan Koch, Gold Country Orchids

July 2015
Alan Koch, Gold Country Orchids
Alan gave us a course in Orchids 101, in which he talked about the essential of orchid growing including watering and fertilizing tips to preserve the most precious parts of your orchid, the roots.

Jill Godfrey

June 2015
Jill Godfrey, Hobbyist and AOS Judge
Jill talked about Stanhopeas, those fragrant, exotic orchids that bloom from the base of the baskets we grow them in, and she gave a hands on potting demonstration too!

                  Tom Kuligowski

May 2015  
Tom Kuligowski, Angraecum Blog
Tom talked about angraecums, those delightful white to greenish bloomers from South Africa and Madagascar with the long spurs. Great pictures, lots of cultural tips and an entertaining style.

Terry Bottom

April 2015  
Keith Davis, Keith Davis Orchids
Keith talked about the fabulous summer blooming bifoliate cattleyas... and how to avoid cultural mistakes with these beauties. Keith also gave everyone a handout with lots of information.

Peter T. Lin

March 2015 
Peter T. Lin, Diamond Orchids
Peter talked about Neofinetia falcata, the small growing vandaceous orchid much loved by the Japanese. There are many flower and leaf forms and quite a variety of charming intergeneric hybrids.

Guillermo Salazar, Horticulturist

February 2015
Guillermo Salazar, Horticulturist
Guillermo talked about the orchids of El Salvador with all its hidden treasures.

St. Augustine Orchid Society

January 2015
St. Augustine Orchid Society Members
We showed pictures of where club members grow during the warm summer and cold winter months, and several members described their orchid growing challenges and solutions.

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