2020 SAOS Newsletters


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Andy Easton

July - Potting and Mounting Orchids
Tony Millet, Boutique Hybridizer

Good-Time Tony entertained us with his lively program on potting and mounting orchids. He talked about his Pound Cake mix, a basic potting mix containing about equal parts of aliflor, sponge rock and tree fern. Then you can add caramel or chocolate chips to the basic mix, like a little chopped sphagnum for more moisture retention or charcoal to keep the mix fresh. He told us about all the nifty things you can buy at this store where things only cost a dollar. Such fun!
Daryl Venables

June - Corona Hat Trick
Courtney Zooms the Show Table

We zoomed into Cyberspace with Courtney at the wheel. Here's a link to the Virtual Show Table Presentation. Members sent in pictures of their blooming orchids and Courtney told us stories about them, their heritage, how they grow and more. So many members sent in photos, hope they'll bring their blooming orchids to the next meeting in the Church Hall!
Wuhan Coronavirus

May - Wuhan Corona Redux
Courtney Zooms into Cyberspace

Covid-19 has caused the cancellation of our May events, so we decided to have virtual share and scare tables. Courtney told us some bedtime stories at the virtual Show Table presentation, using pictures of blooming orchids sent in by members. Mid-month we had a virtual Scare Table presentation using pictures of problem plants sent in by members.
Wuhan Coronavirus

April - Wuhan Corona
Courtney in Cyberspace

Covid-19 has caused all April events to be cancelled, worldwide. We decided to have a virtual Show Table presentation via Zoom in lieu of our regular meeting. Lots of us sent in pictures of blooming orchids so Courtney Hackney can show the pictures while he weaves his orchid tales in Cyberspace. Here's a link to Courtney's Virtual Show Table presentation we had in lieu of our April meeting.
Bill Thoms

March - Growing and Showing Specimen Plants
Bill Thoms, Bulbophyllums.com

Bill gave an entertaining and informative talk on growing your orchids into specimen plants. His talk is chock full of a variety of useful tips to help you grow your orchids more betterer. He encouraged all to get the most pleasure out of their plants by making sure the leaves are clean, flowers staked and the plant placed in an attractive container.
Arthur Katz

February - Rare and Unusual Orchids
Arthur Katz, Hobbyist and AOS Judge

Arthur talked about rare orchids, which are often rare because they are so difficult to cultivate and die outside their natural habitat. He also talked about unusual orchids, which you can learn to grow if you mimic the sometimes narrow range of conditions in which they thrive.
Phillip Hamilton

January - Oncidium Intergenerics
Phillip Hamilton, Bredren Orchids

Phillip talked about various groups within the Oncidium family, which grow well under our conditions and which ones we should not try to grow unless provided with a special environment.