St. Augustine Orchid Society Organization
SAOS Organization

The St. Augustine Orchid Society, Inc. (SAOS) is a Florida not for profit corporation with federal tax exempt status under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. The specific purposes of the SAOS are to:

  • Promote and aid in the development, improvement, preservation, cultivation and hybridization of orchids

  • Collect information relating to the growing and development of orchids

  • Disseminate orchid cultural and hybridization information by exhibitions, lectures and publications

  • Assist those engaged in the growing of orchids by research and information dissemination

  • Increase public interest in the growing of orchids

  • Foster the knowledge, production, use and appreciation of orchids

The current bylaws were adopted November 6, 2018.

SAOS Window Decal
SAOS Window Decal

SAOS Window Decals are available to SAOS members at the Welcome Table. Here is a video on how to install your SAOS window decal.

SAOS name badge

SAOS Name Badges
Identify Yourself as a Proud Member of SAOS

Paper badges are provided to you at the Welcome Table at the monthly meeting. As an alternative, you can order a badge with your name on it for $8.00. Order one at the Welcome Table or email Terry Bottom.

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