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Artists that have been featured in the SAOS Newsletter, also check the photography page.
Rose Ganucheau, Tropical Dream

Rose Ganucheau, Hackneau's Art and Orchids

Watercolors of cattleyas, phalaenopsis, paphiopedilums and oncidiums as well as other flowers and landscapes.
Angela Mirro, Botanical Artist

Angela Mirro

Her botanical watercolors are painted from blooming plants and, where possible, plants in their natural habitats.
Alfred Ng, Lady Slippers

Alfred Ng, Painting and Photography

Nature, people, travel and architecture are the major source of inspiration for his works.
Matthew Prater, Orchid Jewelery

Matthew Prater, Orchid Jewelery

Matthew uses an intricate process to preserve the orchid flowers in a clear hard resin that showcases the beauty of the orchid forever. After perfecting the time consuming process, he began making necklaces, earrings, rings, hairpieces, and party/event decorations.