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Monthly SAOS Meeting

November 2 - Cattleya mossiae
Fred Clarke, Sunset Valley Orchids

    Fred will talk about the beautiful Cattleya mossiae in the wild, with amazing pictures of thousands of flowers covering the trees. Learn about the natural habitat of Venezuela's National Flower and the perils that await C. mossiae. Fred talks to our club every year or two and always brings fabulous catasetums, cattleyas and Australian dendrobiums. You can get a 10% discount on preorders from his website.
    All pre-orders receive a 10% discount and free shipping. Pre-ordering can be done on the Website or you can e-mail a list that includes the cross numbers and prices of the plants you are interested in. For website pre-orders: Once the Shopping cart is populated with your selections, click Go to Payments. In the Billing address: fill out the fields indicate with an asterisk. In the Shipping Address: indicate the St. Aug Society’s name, the November 2 meeting date, then click Continue. On the checkout page indicate: Cash on Delivery if you would like to pay at the meeting, or Credit Card if paying prior to. Fred will manually make the 10% deduction and zero out the shipping costs prior to billing the card.
    Plants will be available on the raffle and sales tables. Friends and guests are always welcome! When:   Tuesday,November 2, 6:30 til 9 pm
Where:   Memorial Lutheran Church
3375 US 1 South, St. Aug 32086
Virtual Show Table. The second Wednesday of the month at 7 pm Courtney will Zoom the Show Table plants. If you want to share images of your beauties in bloom, send high res pictures to info@StAugOrchidSociety.org, landscape rather than portrait orientation preferred. Send in the pics by the Saturday before our meeting so we can include them in the newsletter and Courtney's Virtual Show Table presentation. Here's a link to Courtney's October Virtual Show Table presentation.
SAOS Activities

SAOS News and Activities

Questions? call or text Sue at 904-501-0805 or email info@StAugOrchidSociety.org
SAOS TShirts for Sale. Available for $20 at our monthly meetings. We can ship them to you for $28, email us for availability in sizes, colors and styles.
October Roat Trip Opportunities.
15 - 17 Orchtoberfest at EFG
George and Paula Hausermann host an Orchtoberfest every year at their nursery where orchids, tropical plants and orchid supplies will be offered for sale. We’ll be going to DeLand for a visit. If you want to car pool or caravan, email us.
Where:   EFG Orchids
4265 Marsh Rd, DeLand, FL 32724
23 - 24 Gainesville Orchid Society Show
The Gainesville Orchid Society Show is held at Kanapaha Gardens. There will be orchid exhibits, seminars and orchid and plant vendors at the event. Bredren Orchids, Mac’s Orchids, Odom’s Orchids, Plantio La Orquidea, and Ritter’s Tropic 1 Orchids will be offering orchids for sale.
Where:   Kanapaha Botanical Gardens
44700 SW 58th Dr, Gainesville, FL 32608
SAOS Activities
February 5 Repotting Clinic. The first Saturday of the month from 9 am til noon, February through October, St. Augustine Orchid Society members are available to talk with you, answer questions and help you repot orchids.
Show Table and Orchid Photographs

Monthly Meetings

Members Choice. Our October Members Choice is Potinara Dick Smith x Blc. His Light grown and flowered by Courtney Hackney. This unusual cattleya alliance plant exhibits flares as well as splashes in its colorful flowers.
Monthly Meetings. We meet on the first Tuesday of each month. The meeting begins at 6:30 with a plant sale followed by a review of the show table plants and presentation by an orchid expert. The meeting closes with a plant raffle where members can expand their collections. It's fun and informative for growers of all levels. Join us, visitors and guests are always welcome!
SAOS Items for Sale. Potting mix, fertilizer, fertilizer baskets, vinyl plant tags, butterfly clips and more. Click for more info.

Cultural Tips for Orchid Growers

Bob Scully's Month by Month Orchid Growing:

October in St. Augustine. We usually receive our first cold snap around Halloween, so if you are growing outdoors, this is the time for you to make your winter preparations... read more

Dr. Courtney Hackney Tips, Redux:

Degraded Baskets. It was inevitable. Sooner or later the baskets that held my vandas and other genera were going to degrade to the point where they had to be replaced... read more

Dr. Martin Motes Notes:

Progress of the Season. This September has been wetter than average but also in a different pattern. Rather than dull days of drizzle, the rain has come in patterns of thunder storms... read more
Orchids in October. October is a month of change in South Florida. If the Romans had lived here where we do, they would have named this month for their two faced god Janus... read more

Culture Article by Sue Bottom:

Early Signs of Virus. They say that the only way to be sure if a plant is virused is to test it. Now we’ll have to add a qualifier to that statement, “…unless Dave Off is in town”... read more

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The St. Augustine Orchid Society is a dynamic group of orchid growers having all levels of experience, from those who just brought their first orchid home to those with overflowing greenhouses. All members have one thing in common. We love to share our experiences, our knowledge and our orchid divisions with other orchid growers. Come to one of our meetings so we can get to know each other. If you would like to join, you can complete this interactive form.

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Catasetum Competition Grow

Fred Clarke sent us 20 plugs for the raffle table in January 2019. We are going to have prizes for the first one to bloom this hybrid, the one with the nicest flower, and the best grown one. Here's more information about the cross and how to grow catasetums. The summer growths are maturing now and you may start to see some of the oldest leaves drop.
First to Flower. Janis Croft was the first to flower her catasetum. It bloomed in August on a spike of mostly female flowers with two male flowers at the tip of the flower spike. She won a Ctsm. Sheriff Frank Drew with multiple spikes.
Best Grown. Glo MacDonald won the best grown casetum award at the September 2020 meeting. She won a Ctsm. Sue Bottom she had been coveting, red with a fimbriated lip.
Best Flower. Send pictures of your catasetum in bloom to info@StAugOrchidSociety.org for entry into the best flower contest. Fred Clarke will judge the photo submittals in November 2021 during his trip to St. Augustine.
Culture Tips Here are some of Fred Clarke's culture tips for the season.

Jim Roberts Deflasking Project

At our August 2019 meeting, Jim Roberts of Florida SunCoast Orchids showed us how to deflask orchids and pot them up in either plug trays or compots.
The seedlings were transferred into compots in spring 2021 so they can grow a bit more before we give everyone their own seedling to bring home. Maybe we'll have another competition grow to see who gets the first bloom, the best bloom and the best grown award.